The Block bottom bags are best bags for medium and big content. A stable bottom forms, as the bag is filled and allows for an attractive product display at point of sale.

Block Bottom bags are laminated bags, made without adhesives using heat sealing technology.
There are 2 varieties:
Normal laminated & BOPP laminated as per customer requirement.
These bags are commonly used in cement, white cement, fertilizer and fine material packaging. Bags can be manufactured as per customer requirement for packing from 10kg to 50kg material.

Excellent sealing properties:
Using heat seal closure, Block bottom bags offer sealing on both ends which protects the product from external agents. This closure method simply requires reactivation of the pre-applied hot melt.
Variety of barrier option:
This packaging solution is coated with lamination or BOPP film. Different external finishes (matt/glossy effect) are available.
Optimal palletisation:
Thanks to the block bottom form of the bag after filling, the bags can be easily stacked to form a stable pallet.
Attractive bag shape:
The overall block shape, offers an attractive product presentation.

Technical Data Range
Sack Width 35-60 CM
Sack Length 45-91 CM
Bottom width, valve sack 8-16 CM
Bottom width, open-mouth sack 8-18 CM